Fortress fence

Fences - Solid as the wood we work with

Installing or replacing an existing fence is often a priority for home owners.  Fences come in a variety different styles, sizes and materials.  You can mix the materials to create a unique look and add design elements to your yard or perhaps basic functionality and budget restrictions dictate a traditional Fortress I is all that is needed.  

What style of fence meets your design needs?

  • A Fortress style of fence is one of the most popular choices for wood fencing and is an excellent choice for privacy. Fortress fences range in height and styles and are commonly built with pressure treated or cedar wood. This is also a style that works well with custom headers/pergolas over gates.
  • A unique style of fence that is becoming more popular is a horizontal style.  This style offers a modern design and offers privacy as good as a Fortress style fence.
  • Chainlink fencing is often used for yards where there is a requirement for an unobstructed view.  Chainlink comes in a variety of colours and heights.  Although they offer no privacy, custom privacy screens can be built within the yard to create privacy.